Celebrating the timeless 558 years-Jodhpur



Set in the stark background of Thar desert, this north western city of Rajasthan has had a long journey from a hilly conquered land mass to the Second largest city of the State. Back in 1459, Rao Jodha, A Rajput Chief of Rathore Clan, was set out with a vision of victory and conquest. And the biggest embark of this Victory was Jodhpur, named after its founder! It was chosen as the Capital of Marwar, for its high rocky ridge to enhance hilltop safety. This is where the fortress was build, which now is the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort, blessed by the Kuldevi of Jodhpur rulers, Chamunda Mata. The construction of the fort was begun by Maharaja Rao Jodha in 1459 and was completed by Maharaja Jaswant Singh in the memory of whom, stands the serene Jaswanthada. Though set in a waterless barren land, royal blue Jodhpur has flourished with regal elegance. Walled city of Jodhpur is surrounded by 6 gates of which, Sojati gate and Jalori gate became the busiest commercial centres. Clock tower or Ghantaghar, is situated on the meeting point of two gates, Nagauri gate and Merti Gate.


The city

Jodhpur has its roots in deep historic soils. Be it the Aryans, Gurjars, Mughals or the Rajputs, it has embraced in its lap, the triumphs and turmoil of time immemorial.  It is considered to be one of the most exotic places to be in the world! The majestic Palace, the walled city roads or the temples, everything in this city is aged with perfection and brilliance! Every bit has been carved with respect for its culture for those who loved their mother land!

Today, 12h may 2016, we celebrate the 558th foundation year of Jodhpur! We salute the vision of Rao Jodha, we salute every stone of the fort that fought for us, every scar of the cannonballs still alive on its walls, to the centuries of pride and honour we have been inherited with, and Salute to all the Heroes, who never let the Royalty of this culture die!

Because our Culture, is our Brand! Happy Birthday Jodhpur!


Author – Pooja Purohit

Picture Credits- Deepak Soni