A walk around thoughts!


A few weeks ago I experienced a wonderful experience in Jodhpur, which I feel is worthy of sharing with you.


Built atop the hill holding the stature of Mehrangarh Fort since centuries, anyone would lose control over themselves once they see the intriguing view of the city of Jodhpur from the famous Chamunda Devi temple. Overlooking the blue city, you are certain to get a pious feeling upon entering the temple’s compound. The devout followers of Goddess Chamunda believe that her very presence has protected the culture and citizens of this city, and will continue to do so till the existence of Jodhpur.


After spending some time in solace and watching the beautiful sunset from the temple, I took a cobbled path which led me to Sardar Market. It wasn’t just a walk down the market. It was more.it was a lesson that change is inevitable. You cross paths with a lot during the life and you witness changes. And all of that, just adds a bit more of ‘’you’’ in you. I entered the market with these abstract thoughts. And amazed at the kind of comfort that hustle and bustle of crowd imparted in me. Life sometimes comes in such simple wraps. I saw kids playing with ice cream sticks and I just clutched hard my expensive hi-tech gadgets, wondering why couldn’t they give me such happiness. On my way down, I came across numerous sanctums with marvellous architecture, clearly telling me they were wizened with age.

DSC_0183 (3).JPG

Beneath the dark sky, the shimmering Clock Tower situated at the centre of Sardar Market provoked a feeling of completeness in my mind, something that still occupies a corner in my mind portentous.

Although I have been living in Delhi since the past few years, I can say for sure that Jodhpur gave me the same mesmerizing feeling which I used to feel in my childhood days. Albeit the roads have changed their destinations, but the journey still carries the same charm which makes a home for everyone.

Author- Hrithik Bhandari


AIESEC in Jodhpur

Picture Credits- Deepak Soni


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