Paint it Blue!


Jodhpur, a city of vibrant blues juxtaposed beautifully amidst the brown sands of the Thar Desert has an ingenuous contribution in the diversity and heritage for the state of Rajasthan as well as India. Also known as the Sun City, Jodhpur derives its appellate of “Blue City” from numerous myths associated with it.


Some believe that the founder of Jodhpur, Rao Jodha, ordered all the houses to be frescoed blue. Some recall that the Brahmins, a priestly group in the Indian caste system, considered blue color to be auspicious and hence casted their houses blue. People also give a weather linked averment that not only blue shade helps in reflecting the scorching heat from the sun, but also it maintains the temperatures of buildings to be low in spite of the fervent sun shining overhead this vibrant city.


One can surely feel a chill of coolness running down their spine due the eye catching blue color painted on myriad houses of this city, this calmness also resides in the minds and hearts of people residing in the Sun City. The citizens of Jodhpur uphold such an affable and calm behavior within the bliss of Marwari tradition that whoever visits Jodhpur is likely to get attached with both the city’s beauty and the people’s nature.


Albeit modern Jodhpur stretches beyond the ramparts of old city, it’s the intervening buzz of the old Blue City encapsulating the majestic Mehrangarh Fort amidst it that captures the traveller’s contemplation. This city has It’s doors and hearts open for the world, catering love and hospitality!


Not all cities deserve to have sobriquets, but anyone looking out over this city from the wanton Mehrangarh Fort will realize that the term “BLUE CITY” is indeed apt, despite of the true reason behind the prevalence of this hue.



Author-  Abhishek Goyal

AIESEC in Jodhpur



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