One year in INDIA



Good morning, my name is Beblai Gabin, I am from Ivory Coast, a French speaking country in West Africa, currently residing in Jodhpur, a beautiful city in Rajasthan. I like travelling, my dream is to travel into many countries as much as I can. I have travelled in few countries recently and India is the last country I have travelled for.  Well I am going to talk a little bit about my experience in India especially Jodhpur, after been here for 1 year.

But I think you have to know why did I come here, and what keep me here? That what you’re going to figure out. I have decided to travel in India 2 years back, because of its culture, I really didn’t know that much about Indians’ culture before that period. Everything start when I started watching Indian’s series “vaidehi- ek aur agni pareeksha” through our national TV in my country, where pallavi Kulkarni the main actress become my favourite and she came to visit my country at the end of the series because she has become famed over there. I discovered Indian culture through this series and it’s come to my mind to travel someday in India because I think “in India everything is possible” that’s how I get here.

I am far away to have travelled all around the world, but from what I have seen nowhere else, the culture shock is so intense in India. Because it’s rare, to find two dissimilar religions such as Hinduism with its many Gods and Islam with  belief in one God, is so surprising. That’s why I said everything is possible in India. Travelling in India is one of my best experience up to now, this semblance of chaos which is India itself contain more life than anywhere else, to figure it out you just need to have a look around and you will see how India is warm, wiggling, exuberant, so full of life. Why do I like India and why I still in India??? These are the answers below:

– Because India have plenty of appealing sceneries and touristic places to visit. And Jodhpur being my favourite is simple yet so colourful.

– Because, India is the only county where you can find all the different seasons at the same time. It’s hot in some places while it’s snow or cold in others. I make myself at home over here because the place where I live in India have a bit the same weather like in my county.

– Because people are nice, friendly, and always ready to help when you appeal to them wherever in the street, in the train, bus mainly in Jodhpur my host city. It’s a place I have travelled for and found someone says you’re my son, you’re my brother.

– Because, you don’t need to be in the countryside to know what is a cow. You can find it everywhere in the city.

– Because, it’s November (Diwali) the 365 days per year.

– Because Indians shake their head. Generally it’s means “yes”, but often it’s means “no”. to be honest I am always confuse when my friends do shake their heads when I ask for something

– Because there is no such fancy than seeing a “sikh” with his awesome turban around his head, an Rajput with his turban and his earrings, without forgetting  beautiful Indian lady with her sari.

– Because Indian speak with a special English accent that you can’t find nowhere else. Marwari of jodhpur being such a sugar to ears.

– Because of the traffic’s madness, people don’t drive right nor left but where their cars or bikes can find a way to go through.

– Because the cheap cost of life, swanky restaurants and hotels offer cheap and good services, you can live comfortably if you are not a spender.

– Because Indians are curious… so curious that they wouldn’t hesitate to ask you questions or take selfies with you even if its the first time they’re meeting you.

– Because India have plenty of festivals, the culture is not the same from south to north and from west to east it’s like you’re living in 4 different countries, the culture diversity is unbelievable over here.

 Because in India everything is possible, but sometime not available.

Author : Beblai Gabin


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