Welcome to Jodhpur!


Jodhpur! It’s not just a city. It’s an experience that is bound to last, a lesson, that it’s never too late to begin. Jodhpur is more than just a city…Situated in the heart of Rajasthan, this second largest city of the land of Kings is an absolute charmer. It is a city where language changes every kilometre, where every emotion has a taste and every occasion, a colour.

From the vast blue stretches, to the astounding gold dust, Jodhpur has never failed to amaze the world with how simplicity can be a piece of sheer magnificence. Every embedded stone, and every littered leave has a tale to tell. Every standing structure, and every fallen remain has a story to strike your nerves.

A culture that has valour in its blood, and chivalry in its lineage has a tradition which is timelessly eternal. Jodhpur is hospitality at its best. The princely feeling you get at the Ummaid Palace, and a throwback of bravery and victory at the canons of fort, or be it just a stroll in the city interiors, Suncity has a lot to invoke any humanly emotion.

The lip smacking Dal baati churma to the palatable mawa kachori, the scrumptious food is sure to tingle your taste buds. There are as many colours in Jodhpuri attire as there are, in its flavours. The Jodhpuri suit with Pagri, is a reflection of royalty. The bright Rajputi poshak and bajuband imparts a queen’s elegance to any beauty.

AIESEC in Jodhpur welcome you, to Aapno jodhpur, a journey of heritage and culture. A journey that shall be echoed in world for time immemorial.

Khamma Ghani!

Padhaaro mhaare des!!!

Author : Pooja Purohit

Picture Credits : Deepak soni


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